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We examine how people are working, determine what can be simplified to help them accomplish their goals, and tailor systems that improve the work flow. The Mac Works presents company-specific seminars that can improve your staff’s proficiency.

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Seminar Topics
Upcoming Seminars
Past Attendees

“The instructor made the material approachable, putting us at ease with ample explanations, congeniality. It was down to earth.”

—Visual Information Specialist, Dept. of the Army, Fort Knox

Seminar Topics

    Advanced Features in System 9
    Advanced Troubleshooting for the Macintosh
    Choosing a Macintosh for Your Business
    Computerizing Your Business Accounting
    Computerizing Your Small Business
    Data Management, Protection and Recovery
    File Translation: Import/Export Business
    Getting Started with a Modem
    Getting Started with System 9
    Getting the Most Out of Your Mac
    Getting Your Macs on TCP/IP
    Growing Your Business With Macintosh
    Home Office/Small Business Survival Guide
    How to Become a Computer Consultant
    How to Get Started on the Internet





    Macintosh Survival Course
    Maximizing Memory
    Networking the Macintosh
    Partners Together: Your Computer, Your Career & You
    Putting Your PCs on AppleShare
    RAM-O-Rama: You Can Upgrade Your Mac
    Rx for Your Macintosh
    Smooth Business Operations with the Macintosh
    So, You Wanna Buy a Mac?
    TCP/IP is Not a Dirty Word
    The Macintosh as a Marketing Machine
    The PowerBook and Mobile Computing
    Troubleshooting Your Mac
    Windows95 for the Macintosh Professional
    Introduction to the Macintosh

Upcoming Seminars

    Stay tuned!


Past Attendees

    3M Company
    American Express Company
    Baltimore Sun Company
    Bear Sterns & Company
    Bell Atlantic Network
    Boeing Computer Support Services
    Business Week Magazine
    Carnegie-Mellon University
    Chemical Bank
    Children’s Television Workshop
    Cornell University Medical College
    Dean Witter & Company
    Defense Mapping Agency
    Depository Trust Company
    Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
    Duke Power Company
    Dupont Corporation
    Federal Aviation Administration
    Federal Express
    Ford Foundation
    Gannett Corporation
    General Electric Capital Corporation
    Grumman Data Systems
    GTE Government Systems
    Hambrecht & Quist
    Honeywell, Inc.
    Immigration & Naturalization Service
    Lockheed Engineering
    MasterCard International
    McGraw Hill
    Merck & Company
    National Science Foundation
    Naval Air Systems Company
    New York Times
    Philip Morris
    R J Reynolds
    Rich Foods
    Sony Music Entertainment
    Sports Illustrated
    Texas Gas Transmission
    Texas Instruments
    Time Warner
    United Nations Development Prgm.
    UNYSIS Corporation
    US Army
    US Marine Corps
    US Navy
    US Office of Patents and Trademarks
    US Sprint
    USA Today
    Viking Press
    World Bank
    Xerox Corporation


“Material was presented in an easy to digest manner…Cheryl kept our interest.”
—User Consultant, Carnegie-Mellon University-Software Engineering Institute
“The instructor was really excellent. She was able to fully answer questions, keep the course interesting, and share the information in a practical and useful manner.”
—Grad Student, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“I heard you speak at the NYMUG MacFair and really enjoyed your talk. I also was very proud that a woman was so technically oriented and knowledgeable. Thank you.
—Anna Kurtz
“A single intensive session gave me the jumpstart I needed…Cheryl teaches in a humane way. I felt like an intelligent learner rather than an outsider.”
—Assistant Professor, The City University of New York
“We need more of her!”
—Technical Specialist, Siemens Electronics Ltd.
“Filled in a lot of gaps in my knowledge of how the Mac works & what causes various problems.”
—User Service, The University of Alabama
“I will be using these troubleshooting techniques everyday.”
—Senior Programmer, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal
“I want to profess your excellence in teaching. After going over my notes from friends in the field, I've found I retained a lot of information because you explained it so thoroughly. The information has already proven itself valuable.”
—Robbi Firestone, New York, NY
Your course paid off! My computer froze everytime I tried to connect to the Internet, and I did the systematic extension elimination bit. I located the problem file, which I replaced. And it's working! Hurrah…You really helped a lot."
—Alice Belgray
“I appreciated the instructor’s knowledge of current hardware configurations.”
—Coordinator of Office Automation, McGraw Hill
“Preventative maintenance and data recovery were covered well.”
—Research Scientist, Research Foundation for Mental Health
“I enjoyed the informative and personal feel of the way in which the material was presented.”
—Graphic Designer, Texas Gas Transmission
“I enjoyed the instructor’s presentation, the hands-on part and getting to see how things actually worked.”
—Electronics Engineer, U.S. Navy
“The topics and examples were very pertinent, real world information.”
—Technical Support Manager, US West
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