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The Mac Works is a computer consulting and technical services company specializing in Macintosh-related network design, systems integration and support. Since 1990, we have been listening to our clients and working closely with them to provide options that meet their specifications and fulfill their particular needs. We examine how you are working and tailor systems that simplify the work flow and improve productivity.

The Mac Works can be your in-house computer department, or we can enhance your existing resources. Respected for our up-to-the-minute knowledge of the industry and our ability to communicate in accessible terms, we allow your goals to guide us as we help you develop technologically.

The Mac Works presents company-specific seminars that can improve your staff’s proficiency.

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The Mac Works Advantage
What We Do
President’s Bio

The Mac Works Advantage

  • 25+ years of communication technology experience; 15 years Macintosh experience
  • projects brought to timely completion
  • sound, independent and unbiased recommendations
  • commitment to professional and technical excellence
  • distinguished and diverse client base
  • referred by Apple Computer and other vendors
  • Certified Member, Apple Consultants Network

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What We Do

    Consultation (Macintosh hardware & software consulting services)
    Existing or proposed technology analysis and recommendations
    Hardware and Software purchase proposals
    Recommend reliable providers of computer-related services

    Systems Engineering
    Design and install Macintosh computer systems and Local Area Networks
    Integrate Macintosh technology with Windows, Unix and Netware networks
    Workstation standardization
    Establish workflow procedures including file naming and storage conventions
    Develop virus prevention, backup and archiving programs

    Project Management
    Relocations, hardware, roll-outs, overhauls and upgrades
    Mac-to PC and PC-to Mac desktop migrations
    Mac-to PC network services migrations
    Computer asset and licensing management

    Systems Administration
    Maintain, monitor and troubleshoot Local Area Networks
    Maintain Servers & groupware (e-mail, databases, scheduling, back ups)
    Manage network user accounts
    Install and configure backup and archiving systems hardware and software
    Install and configure virus prevention
    Font management
    Emergency assistance

    Desktop Technical Support
    Set up computers and peripherals
    Setup remote access connections to ISPs or other locations
    Install system software & application upgrades
    Hardware and software preventive maintenance
    Hardware and software troubleshooting and problem solving
    System folder rebuilds (clean installs)
    Clean up “messes”
    Replace batteries, upgrade RAM and install hard drives and other devices
    Emergency assistance, onsite and telephone support
    Data import, export, conversion and translation
    Virus eradication
    Data recovery


    Seminars and individual instruction; we customize curriculum to your needs
    Train staff to perform backup, archiving, and maintenance procedures
    Create handbooks and other procedural documentation
    Focus on self-sufficiency and preventive maintenance

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President’s Bio

    Cheryl Schneider

    Cheryl Schneider has over 30 years of computer and graphics technology experience, and is the principal and founder of The Mac Works Inc., a Macintosh consulting, service and technical training organization located in New York's Hudson Valley region. The Mac Works specializes in networked Macintosh computer systems and Macintosh to-other-platform integration. and is a NYS-certified Woman-Owned Business Entity (WBE).

    A gifted analyst and problem solver, Ms. Schneider has helped scores of businesses and organizations eliminate many of the problems and frustrations associated with modern technology. In 1986, Ms. Schneider was responsible for the transition from a traditional to a digital production environment at the New York Public Interest Research Group, a statewide environmental and consumer advocacy organization. Since then, Ms. Schneider has worked on numerous Macintosh-related projects with distinguished corporations, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions. In 2003, Apple tapped her to be one of their original 25 IT trainers for their Worldwide Training and Certification division.

    In 2008, Cheryl was an Apple Network Engineer at Command Financial Press in lower Manhattan, where she was responsible for administering a dozen Xserves in 2 states, the firm's Atempo backup system, and their Cloverleaf SAN. She made significant contributions to Command's pursuit of ISO 27001 certification.

    A highly regarded Macintosh specialist, Ms. Schneider is a founding member of the Apple Consultants Network and is author of the “Co-Existing with PCs” chapter of The Macintosh Bible, 6th Edition, published by Peachpit Press. Cheryl was the technical editor for the first "Macintosh OS X Bible" published by Hungry Minds. She is a five-time Macworld Expo faculty alumnus, a member of the Mactivity Conference faculty, and a presenter at Apple’s Market Center in New York. Cheryl has also coordinated 3 seminar series for the New York MacUsers’ Group (NYMUG) MacFair. From 1993 to 1996, she hosted NYMUG’s technical Q & A sessions, attended by up to 1,000 people per month.

    As an instructor at The New School for Social Research she developed and presented a series of one-day technical seminars. From 1992 to 1996 she taught Data-Tech Institute’s wildly popular Macintosh Survival Course, Advanced Troubleshooting of the Macintosh, and Networking the Macintosh seminars nationally and internationally, for IT professionals from Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and academia. Her students consistently rate Cheryl as "excellent" in her presentation style, class content and knowledge of the subject matter.

    Ms. Schneider holds a BS, cum laude, in Atmospheric Sciences from the State University of New York at Albany; and continues her technical education today. Cheryl is an Apple Certified Systems Administrator (ACSA), an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) and an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT). She is a founding board member and former Treasurer of Hudson Valley Technology & Commerce, Inc.

    Hudson Valley Business Journal Feature

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BBD Needham

Install and configure an ISDN router, create scripts for connections to Los Angeles office and 3 key client sites.

Sterling Advertising Agency

Tweak network settings so Windows PCs function properly with an AppleShare server. Resolve a recurring print problem with the agency’s NetWare server.

Parade Magazine

Install (a pre-"shrink-wrapped" version) of the first commercial Mac-based Internet listserv, and configure and script software to integrate with an internal e-mail system. Identify and implement a work-around for a software bug that the vendor corrected for the formal product release.

Sports Illustrated

Provide consulting and training services during transition from Atex mainframe to Mac-based, electronic publishing system. running on a sophisticated network, as follows:

Develop the training facility, and design and deliver their in-house Macintosh training program for the entire editorial staff. Topics include introduction to the Macintosh operating system, word processing, e-mail, remote access, group scheduling, online services and Internet access training.

Evaluate two electronic publishing systems (Quark Publishing System/QPS and P.Ink), refine purchase specs for 165 Macintosh workstations and 10 workgroup printers, recommend the FirstClass BBS system for use by the News Bureau. Fine-tune the BBS installation and created 3 operations manuals, two for News Bureau staff and one for reporters and writers.

Train News Bureau staff to maintain the server and be able to support over 500 writers, reports and stringers who file stories and fact checks remotely using every imaginable type of modem and terminal device.

John Gallin
& Son

Design and implement their migration from an Altos minicomputer environment to a 30-user Macintosh network for this Wall Street general contractor. Design the network architecture using switched Ethernet. Specify the network and workstation hardware and software, write the specification for network cabling; supervise cable installation and termination by Local 3 electricians; install the network switch and hubs, install and customize all workstations and servers, including the file server, database server, network fax server and mail server. Install and configure the automated backup services. Make sure that all jacks and ports are clearly labeled and document the layout of the network.

TMW created and completed a cross-platform, multi-user database, using FileMaker Pro. The software tracks all projects from initial customer contact, to the estimating and bid processes, and through job completion. The database generates all Invitations to Bid, estimates, contracts, change orders and related correspondence; and tracks blueprint traffic and storage. We downloaded the data from the Altos system, parsed and restructured it and imported all of the information into the new database.

We created additional electronic document templates and documented the new workflow procedures that were created as a result of their technology transition. And finally, we designed and delivered hardware & software training for the entire staff, and trained a technical person to provide ongoing preventive maintenance and technical support.

CCH Legal Services

Identify, propose and provide technical services for the only Macintosh-based department at this legal services corporation. Upgraded the Marketing department’s outdated hardware and software technology and fully integrated the Macs with the corporate-wide network
  • work closely with Marketing, Purchasing and MIS departments
  • wrote proposal and created budget that received approval
  • specify and install all departmental hardware and software
  • migrate functions performed on Windows machines to the Macintosh
  • trained staff to use new hardware, software and network features
  • recommend, install and configure Macintosh back-up system
  • archive legacy files to CD-ROM
  • provide ongoing preventive maintenance and technical support

New School University

Create and teach 2 full-day seminars, with regularly sold-out attendance
Troubleshooting the Macintosh, Parts I & II
PT & Company Transfer and convert 2,000 Windows files residing on a Windows NT server (not accessible from a Macintosh) and move them to an AppleShare server residing on another network. Create custom translators and convert Windows files to Macintosh format while maintaining data integrity. Project was completed in 5 hours.

Maritz Travel
at Apple

Create and deliver a 3-part training program for managers enabling them to perform Macintosh preventive maintenance, troubleshoot desktop systems and remote access connections and manage their network.

Data-Tech Institute

Fine-tune and deliver 50, 2-day, hands-on seminars for 1,500+ computer professionals from major corporations, government agencies and academic institutions in the U.S. and Canada
The Macintosh Survival Course
Advanced Troubleshooting for the Macintosh
Networking the Macintosh

SoHo Design Firm

Design and implement a technology overhaul for the Macintosh side of this mixed platform NetWare network.
  • Resolved IPX/AppleTalk configuration errors
  • Resolved Macintosh network software conflicts
  • Optimized system software configurations
  • Upgraded and standardized application software packages
  • Provided training to enhance the productivity of creative staff
  • Developed preventive maintenance and backup programs
  • Taught support tech to perform preventive maintenance and backup

Scholastic Books

Performed a technology and skills audit of the Book Marketing Department, presented findings and made recommendations. Supervised hardware and software upgrades, fine-tuned configuration settings and delivered customized training to improve technical knowledge of Systems Manager and the design staff

The PR Consultantcy

Completely converted their LocalTalk network to an Ethernet network. We designed and delivered all aspects of the conversion and resolved some proprietary hardware and software configuration issues.

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